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Announcing CHUHBEEDolls
February 22, 2007

CHUHBEES™ retail for $14.95 plus $4.60 shipping to US addresses.
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Today we released FLORA, the first of our new line of handmade dolls. Each 8" doll is hand constructed with great attention to detail. Each doll is signed and dated by the doll maker and comes with a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY.

Our CHUHBEE™ Dolls were inspired by the wooden dolls of the children of our American Pioneers. Porcelain dolls were expensive, so pioneer children had rag dolls, whittle dolls, corn husk dolls, and clothespin dolls.

The dolls body is constructed with five wooden clothespins that are drilled and connected with cord, or jute. The head is a solid wood ball that is glued to the head of a clothespin. The long blonde locks are made of jute that has been baked on dowels. The doll's body is wrapped in batting to give here the CHUHBEE™ look. Her jumpsuit is all hand sewn. Her skirt has been machine stitched.

Flora loves flowers and travels the work in search of beautiful flowers. She has a large bunch of bright berrie on her hat and a little woven basket is filled with silk roses. Her jumpsuit has tiny white wild flowers on a mauve background. Her Hawaiian skirt has white on white plumeria and hibiscus flowers.

Her hand face hands have been painted in a natural flesh tone and her feet have been painted with shoes to match her outfit. CHUHBEES™ are distinguished by their teardrop eyes, button nose and crocked smile. See our store catalog for additional pictures and information.

Watch for our Angels, Bunnies and Texas Bluebonnet CHUHBEES™ dolls.